Live and Thrive in Your Sacred Soul Purpose

SOUL-LEADERS’ Essential Guide

We live in exciting but also terrifying times. Perhaps you’re here because you are looking to understand what your Sacred Soul Purpose is and want to explore, discover, and expand your full potential as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Consciousness is unlimited.

Your time is not.
This place is right for you if you…

  • want to develop your business mindset to become a “BLISSness” Mindset
  • Hone in on your spiritual leadership skills with endlessly flowing motivation and inspiration 
  • Become empowered to step up your game and become highly visible,
  • magnetize your mission and message
  • attract ideal high paying customers and
  • make a steady flow of income
  • get heard and seen as the authentic soul-deep version of YOU
    as well as
  • taking your spiritual business SUCCESS to the next level.

Lydia Proschinger

Lydia Proschinger

Spiritual Business Coach

SSP Teasure MAP

Don’t know yet exactly how to live your Sacred Soul Purpose or even know what it is? Take this “Master Activation Plan” to get clarity on how to find your Sacred Soul Purpose. Create a blueprint for setting up your spiritual business. This will open up an entirely new world of independence and BLISS!


Would you like to get out of fear, overwhelm, and a self-limiting mindset? Want to gain insight? A strong sense of intuitive wisdom, power, and guidance? Tap into the cosmic grid of emotional healing and align yourself with emotional and spiritual alchemy.

Eclipse 7Weeks

ECLIPSE – 7 Week customized program enables you to reclaim your power, confidently step into your greatness, eliminating fears, limiting beliefs, and doubts about who you truly are. Learn how to live and thrive in your Sacred SoulPurpose .



Gain clarity on business Mission & Vision? Receiev mentorship for one year? Establish  growth through spiritual alignment in your spiritual business. Self-leadership, life-balance, setting up logistics for marketing, strategies,  and systems.


Develop Your Sacred Soul Purpose

A place where you can birth Your Sacred Soul Purpose

When you’re called to going into business with your sacred soul purpose, you get often just a hunch, or a deep desire to go by.
Here you can come to let it become a true vision. Here you develop all skills to fully stand in your spiritual shoes and empower yourself

so that you can become the SACRED SOUL PURPOSE LEADER you already are.

From Birthing your Vision, to creating programs and taking it to your individual platform

Life does not come with a manual. However, it comes with a set of soul contracts. It comes with your personality, your desires, your inner knowing and your archetypes. Discovering how to find out how both play a role in creating your sacred soul purpose business is a mystic’s journey. Visionary pioneers set up the grid for a new economy on the New Earth. All it takes for you to have is a little

Foresight, combined with entrepreneurial Abilities, deep Insight into your truest self, Talents to train, Habits to shape: F.A.I.T.H.

 As a SOUL Leader you care about what frequency you generate.
you deliberately and
consciously nurture your Soul!

Why do I care so much about spiritual Growth?

Because there truly is nothing more fulfilling than knowing
what your sacred soul purpose is,
how to live it and how to thrive in it.